Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Royal Affair

We had a GREAT Royal wedding party.  It was so much fun, we both dressed up like brides and watched the Princess get married.  The embellishments were almost all made from free printables I was able to find online.

Here is our party in a nut shell.  It is a clear acrylic mini album in the shape of a carriage.

I picked her up at school with a bouquet of flowers (which she proceeded to chase the boys and hit them with the flowers)..... 

below is a bigger picture of the photo above... it's Princess Dianna in 1981 on her wedding day.

I LOVED that day.... Several friends and I were all up at 3:00 (California never even went to bed before it was on) to watch it live and then I got to watch it again with Mikayla after I picked her up from school.  Truly a day to remember!  I loved it!!!

Scrappy Pages

Kirsten and I go to an annual scrapbooking retreat in Wallis, TX.  We both get so much done while we're there (and have a TON of fun)!!  Here are a few of my layouts from this past year. 

The next several layouts are side-by-side but I'm too lazy to figure out how to get them like that on blogger so just imagine them being side-by-side.  :) 

The next LO was sort of a joke because I was "racing" Kirsten to see who would get a LO done first and not stall (a thing we do A LOT).  Kirsten actually made this LO for me before Tyler was born but I've never had a chance to put a picture on it.  I brought it with me, slapped a picture on it and said, "DONE, I won"....hehe.  Love this picture and LO of my little man.  :) 

We had such a fun weekend!  I only scrap my favorite pictures and not necessarily in age order so it's not overwhelming!  I'm thankful to have my blog that has all of my pictures and journaling so I can paper play with only a select few pictures.  :)  There is no way I could scrap all of Tyler's pictures!  I'm planning to get a few more shadow boxes and display some of my new LOs at home and at the creek. 

Wedding Gift: Ornament

I saw this idea on pinterest and knew it would be my new go-to wedding gift. I think it's personal and special. I'm thinking about making one for myself...ha!

All you do is cut the wedding invitation into strips, curl them around a pen and stuff them in a glass ornament. I embellished with a jingle bell and some ribbon/wrafia. I'm anxious to make another one as soon as I get the invite because they are so much fun! Tip: Don't forget to make a copy of the invite before you cut it up.... ;)

Canvas Crafting

Altered Art

I modified a blank 10x20 canvas I bought from Michaels. I printed the picture (8x10) on an overhead transparency. It looks so neat being able to see the background paper through the picture.

Before adding the layers of paper, I inked and distressed the canvas, then started layering on the papers/embelishments.

This is one of my favorite projects!

Christmas Money Box

My mother-in-law is the president of the German club and asked us to make her a "Donation Box" for their annual Christmas party. 

We bought 3 boxes from Michael's and decorated them, cut holes through each box, cut a slit in the top, popped a start on the top and called it a day!  We are happy with the results and it was a hit at the club too!

The "shingles" were a lot of fun to make and easy too!

The boxes are glued together so you only have access to the bottom box.  This kept the tree from falling down.

John Deere Birthday Party

Tyler's tractor party details below :)
It all started with his tractor invites. I LOVE how these turned out!! Crafting for his party was so much fun!

Tyler signed all of them too :)

"Refuel here!" The dessert table!

Hay bales (rice krispie treats)

Livestock (animal crackers)

Spare tires (oreo cookies)

cupcakes with tractor picks :)

Goodie bags!!

Feed sacks!

Fuel station

Every kiddie had their own John Deere cup. Boys had green labels and girls had pink!

Our subway sandwiches were row crops but I forgot to take a picture when the sandwiches were actually out. You get the idea. :)

Tradition yearly banner (with tractor pictures from throughout the year...you know I had a ton to choose from!)

Tractor PINATA!!

Tyler waiting at the gate for his friends to arrive!!