Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Royal Affair

We had a GREAT Royal wedding party.  It was so much fun, we both dressed up like brides and watched the Princess get married.  The embellishments were almost all made from free printables I was able to find online.

Here is our party in a nut shell.  It is a clear acrylic mini album in the shape of a carriage.

I picked her up at school with a bouquet of flowers (which she proceeded to chase the boys and hit them with the flowers)..... 

below is a bigger picture of the photo above... it's Princess Dianna in 1981 on her wedding day.

I LOVED that day.... Several friends and I were all up at 3:00 (California never even went to bed before it was on) to watch it live and then I got to watch it again with Mikayla after I picked her up from school.  Truly a day to remember!  I loved it!!!

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