Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Shower Gift: stuffed baby

One of my favorite baby shower gifts for an expecting mother is a "stuffed baby!"  The babies can also double as decor if you're the hostess!

  • Footed pajamas (or a 3 piece set that has a hat and booties)  I usually buy a 3 month outfit so there is enough room to "fill" the baby.
  • Hat, if not included with outfit
  • cloth diapers (5-6)
  • tissue paper
  • pins
  • tulle- 1.25 yards
  • base for the baby to "sit" on (round hat box, bottle drying rack, charger, etc.)
  • 5-7 items from mommy's registry (I typically try and get body wash, pacifiers, diaper ointments, etc. Items that are sturdy and "stand up" are best!)
Stuff the baby's legs with cloth diapers and then fill the "body" with registry items. 

Stuff baby's arms with tissue paper (I used colored tissue for this baby and let it stick out a little.)  After you layer all registry items in the "body," stuff/lay/wrap the items with tissue paper and cloth diapers so that the baby is somewhat smooth.  Snap the outfit closed.

The head is the hardest part for me and it usually requires a repair or two after transport to the shower.  I crumble plastic grocery sacks (or tissue paper) into a ball and then wrap the ball with a cloth diaper.  Use pins to secure the cloth diaper together and then pin the head to the baby.  Add the hat (it usually stays on without pins).

I like to find a cute box to sit the baby on...this one happens to have something inside the box too!  Sometimes I'll accessorize the baby with a pillow, toys, etc. but not always.

Gather the tulle around the base and baby and secure at the top with ribbon and a card.  (I always secure the tulle with a rubber band before wrapping ribbon around it since that seems to keep it all together.)  Pulled tight, the tulle will help keep the baby sitting upright.

Here is a little froggy baby that I made for a gender neutral party.  This was a 3-piece set rather than footed pajamas and it worked great!

Same steps....

The mommy-to-be registered for a drying rack that worked perfectly for the baby "base!"

The most recent set of babies I've made were for a friend having twin girls.  I learned that a hat with a face on it is SO much easier than trying to balance a baby head and hat!  Plus, these kitty hats are to die for!

Check out those little bottoms!

Wrapped in tulle and ready to go!  (I couldn't find a good base for these babies so I bought two chargers...they worked perfectly!)
The funniest part about the stuffed baby gift is that I always always always feel like I need a "disclaimer bag."  Basically it's the bag with all of the tags from the clothes, cloth diapers, anything else I needed to open so that the mom knows I bought it all new.  It's become quite the little joke!

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