Tuesday, January 8, 2013

County Fair Birthday Party

The Tyler County Fair was a huge success and so much FUN! 

There will be a lot of detail in the party posts because I don't want to forget anything about Tyler's special day!

Planning the party was just as much fun as watching my little man enjoy his big day.  Thanks to pinterest and my crafting buddy, Kirsten, we made a TON of decorations for the party!  It all started with the invite.  :) 

My craft room was PACKED with party items Saturday night!

Welcome to the Tyler County Fair!!

I found the ribbon on sale at HL as well as the red/white twine (online) and the red/white checkered paper (that you will see ALL over the pictures) is restaurant paper.  ($13 for 1,000 sheets)  The "fans" you see below were SO fun to make.  Kirsten and I may have gone a little nuts making a ton of them but we used all of them.  They are too cute.

I wasn't trying to be thrifty for the party but it kind of happened and then it became a challenge.  You wouldn't believe the amount of items I found in the "trash" area near our freight elevator at work.  lol!

The canopy turned out so cute with the bunting (party city) and homemade tin can windsocks (detailed picture below).
I used old quilts on the tables as covers and I think it turned out so neat!  Perfect for a fair theme!

Table decor!  I covered coffee cans with wrapping paper, made paper flowers and pinwheels, shred some restaurant paper and added a crepe paper rosette ribbon to the front. 

Peanuts...a must at the fair!  This little box is made from a paper plate.  :)

Tin can windsocks!!  These were a lot of fun to make.  I spray painted my coffee cans, cut and glued ribbon to the inside, punched holes in the top and hung with twine.  So fun and festive!

My Mom and I like to decorate for summer holidays at the creek and I think these windsocks will be so cute blowing in the wind.  (I also have to add that I've made fun of my mom for years about saving coffee cans....guess who I had to call to get enough for the party?!  We got a good laugh out of that one!)

The Fair isn't complete without games!!
 I pulled out an old bed sheet, printed out goldfish and safety pinned them to the sheet.  Turned out so cute!  The kids won gold fish as their prize.

The ring toss is probably my most prized party creation!  I also think this is about the time that Rolf thought I may get fired from digging through the trash and bringing it home.  lol!  Hey, the freight elevator area has a lot of great party "stuff!"  I found this little gem (copier toner box) and knew it would make a great ring toss!  I hot glued some of the cones to the top, spray painted it and wa-la...instant ring toss!  Kirsten already had the rings...free!

We already had the bean bag toss! 

Tin Can Throw!  This game is made of cans and old shake mix containers wrapped in restaurant paper and sitting on top of two nice boxes I found in the trash at work.  :)

Face Painting! 

Red and blue boot pinata was perfect for the fair!

Let's take a look around inside.  Here are more fans and ribbons on the back patio! 

My big boy and his 3 year old pictures that we took on Saturday!

Treat table!

Goodie bags :)

Cupcake sticks were easy and fun to make!  The cricut was getting a workout!

Popcorn holders made of restaurant paper and sitting in a box covered in brown paper.

Cotton candy!

 Precious carrot cookies in "dirt" that Anja made!

Grub time!  We served hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza rolls, veggies, chips and all the fixin's.

More restaurant paper use.....utensil and napkin holders!

Whew!  I think that's about it!  I couldn't have gotten all of this setup without my team of helpers so THANK YOU!!! 

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